Foreign Teacher of TCZJ Joo Hanna Awarded with a Prize for her Performance in the Provincial International Cultural Exchange Event
Time : 2023-03-29

On the morning of December 14, the closing ceremony of 2022 Zhejiang International Cultural Exchange Event hosted by the Information Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang and the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism was held in Hangzhou Liangzhu National Archaeological Site Park. Representatives of Zhejiang International Humanities Exchange Center and representatives of foreigners in Zhejiang participated in this event that showcased the achievements of international humanities exchange in Zhejiang. At the ceremony, Joo Hanna from the college was honored as the Friendship Ambassador of Zhejiang and awarded a prize together with other 3 prizewinners.  

Joo Hanna came to China in 2015 and started her taeching in TCZJ four years later. After the 7-year stay in China, Ms. Joo Hanna can speak fluent Chinese now. When working in the college, Ms. Joo has been committed to the learning and promotion of traditional Chinese culture, especially the culture of the Song Dynasty, such as traditional weed weaving art, tea ceremony, and pastry making. After work, she often visited different local attractions to experience and record local culture with her camera. In this year, local paper Qianjiang Evening Paper launched an online community for foreigners in Zhejiang to communicate and share their cultural experience in the province. Ms. Joo recorded a short video on tea ceremony in the Song Dynasty and shared it in the community. With her fluent Chinese, the melodious music, and professional performance, the video went virus online soon, which won her this award in this event. She said that as a fan of the Song Dynasty culture, she will make and share more videos related to the tea ceremony in different scenic spots in the future.

As one of the most influential brands of international cultural exchange events in Zhejiang, this event has been held for three consecutive years. Over the past three years, various means of communication have been used to tell the story of Zhejiang, which created a unique way of cross culture communication. system for the international promotion of Zhejiang culture and tourism. A total of 5 foreign teachers from the college have participated in the events and honored as the Friendship Ambassador of Zhejiang.


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