●Professional Strengths: 

1. One of the top-level academic program groups in China’s vocational colleges and a key TCZJ’s academic program featuring integration of school and industry with focus on tourism e-commerce, industrial innovation and startup business.
2. A UNWTO accredited program in tourism education quality.
3. In-depth partnership with Alibaba Groups and co-founder of Ali College with best-in-class practical training facilities among its domestic peers.  
4. With its graduates employed by China’s well-known e-commerce enterprises such as Alibaba, Ctrip, etc. 

●Educational Objectives: 

Training high-caliber, practical and internet-oriented professionals capable of:
- mastering e-commerce expertise, technique and skills
- working in relevant industries like service, wholesale and retailing
- assuming such positions as online customer service, new media marketing and operational management 
- possessing professionalism and potential for career advancement
- innovation and enterprise.

●Major Courses: 

E-commerce Practice, Image Processing Techniques, New Media Marketing, the ABC of Business Data Analysis, Tourism E-commerce, E-commerce Visual Design, & Online Communication & Service.