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TCZJ Scholarships

Tourism College of Zhejiang Scholarship

To encourage more excellent international students to study in Tourism College of Zhejiang, Tourism College of Zhejiang Scholarship (TCZJ Scholarship for short)is established. Usually, you can get a scholarship if you meet the following basic requirements.

·Committed to Chinese laws, regulations and rules of our school;

·Well conducted with no illegal or criminal record;

·Study hard with high scores;


Of course, you will be disqualified if any of the following behavior is found on you

·The application materials are fake;

·Failing to pay the tuition in time according to our regulations;

·Failing to register within schedule time;

·failing in the entrance physical examination;

·Violating school rules and Chinese laws during studying period.


Application Procedure

a. Send the application documents to email address:

b. TCZJ is responsible for reviewing the qualification of applicants and will select applicants based on the selection process who meet our demands.

c. We will email you if you get scholarship.


Application documents

1. Application form with ID photo (white background).

2. Photocopy of the passport photo page.

3. Senior high school diploma (original copy or notarized copy).

4. Graduating high school students can provide pre-graduation Certificate.  After admission, the original graduation certificate or notarized copy should be submitted.

5. Transcripts for all the courses in senior high school (original copy or notarized copy).

6. HSK certificate (for Chinese-instructed program applicants).  After admission, the original copy should be submitted.

7. TOEFL/IELTS or other score report of English language test (for English-instructed program applicants, whose native language is not English).  After admission, the original copy should be submitted.

8. Studying plans and goals.

9. Two letters of recommendation from your teachers.

10. Effective Health Certificate.

11. Non-criminal Certificate.

12. No drug addiction statement.


Type of TCZJ scholarship

1. For diploma program, everyone has the opportunity to receive an academic scholarship of  4,000- 6,000 RMB per year

2. For non-diploma program, everyone has the opportunity to receive an academic scholarship of 1,000- 2,000 RMB per semester

3. up to 2000 RMB by winning each time in various competitions


Application deadline

The end of July


If you want to know more details about college scholarships, please send email to: