Tourism Management

【Tourism Management】


The tourism management major has distinctive training features. The predecessor of the tourism management major was "Tourism Management (Planning and Design Direction)". In 2016, it was separated from the national demonstration backbone school's key construction major, focusing on the development and management of smart scenic spots, with an emphasis on training tourism management talents with planning literacy.
In 2017, it was included in the Zhejiang Province High-Quality Vocational Education Key Construction Major Group Project.
In 2020, it became one of the four major groups of the school's key construction - Tourism Planning and Design Major Group.
Graduates of this major have entered high-quality domestic tourism enterprises, such as Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Development Research Center, Hangzhou Songcheng Group, China Academy of Art Landscape Architecture Design Research Institute, and so on.

●Training Objectives

This major focuses on cultivating comprehensive applied talents for positions such as planners, strategists, consultants, and tourism management in the fields of culture and tourism, mastering tourism planning, tourism planning, operation management, and emergency response capabilities.

●Major Courses

Tourism planning, tourism planning, scenic spot operation and management, tourism resource investigation and evaluation, tourism standard knowledge, smart tourism, digital media design and production, site planning and landscape design.