Chinese Language

【Tourism Chinese Course】

●Professional Strengths: 

1. One of the top tourism colleges in China.
2. One of the first-batch vocational colleges certified to recruit international students in Zhejiang.
3. With 100% passing rate in HSK Test.

●Educational Objectives:

The target is to make students gain the abilities in tourism consultation, introduction, sales and other services in Chinese, be familiar with the operation process and business norms of Chinese group tour, tourism laws and regulations, national and regional profiles and customs, and be engaged in Chinese tour guides and leaders, Chinese tourism consultant, airport and hotel consulting and other positions.

●Major Courses:

Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Reading, Oral Chinese, HSK Tutorial, Chinese Character Culture, Chinese Movie and TV Appreciation, Overview of Chinese Tourism, Chinese Traditional Etiquette, Chinese Tea Art, Chinese Culinary Arts and Tourism Chinese.