Short-term Program

【Short-term Program】

Chinese Language+Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour

Chinese Language+Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour is designed for outstanding overseas students who wish to broaden their horizons to learn Chinese traditional culture, arts, language, and tour-related topics while earning credits at Tourism College of Zhejiang. The short-term program is taught in Chinese and English, and covers practical courses in Chinese Language and a series of cultural experience activities including Chinese Culinary Arts, Chinese Tea Arts, Chinese Celadon, Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Fan and Chinese Kung Fu. You can study while going deep into the famous attractions, museums and famous company (Alibaba), walking into the streets and alleys, enjoying the scenery of Hangzhou.





Day 1

Campus Visit, Opening Ceremony

Chinese Language

Day 2

Chinese Language

Chinese Celadon

Day 3

Chinese Pastry

Off-campus Activity: Visit Alibaba

Day 4

Chinese Language

Chinese Tea Arts 

Day 5

Chinese Language

Chinese Kung Fu

Day 6

Off-campus Activities(city tour): West Lake, Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum

Day 7

Free Day

Day 8

Chinese Language

Chinese paper cutting

Day 9

Chinese Language

Chinese Calligraphy

Day 10

Chinese Language

Off-campus Activity: Chinese Fan 

Day 11

Off-campus Activities: Qiandao Lake

Day 12

Chinese Language

Completion Report

Day 13

Free Day

Day 14



Tuition: 4000 RMB

Accommodation:1120 RMB (Suite with 4 beds)


Talent award: 100 to 2,000 RMB by winning each time in various competitions, recreational and sports activities.


Start on:July 7 2024 End on:July 20 2024

Application deadline

June 25, 2024


1. Non Chinese citizens aged between 18 and 30, with good physical, mental conditions and good conduct.

2. Should have the same academic qualifications as graduating from high school.

Application materials

  1. Personal information on line
  2. Photocopy of applicant's passport
  3. Studying Certificate issued by the school (including statement of performance at school)
  4. Healthy Document
  5. Electronic ID photo

Application process

Step 1: Fill out the application information online (;

Step 2: Interview. Applicant should attend interview online or in person on time;

Step 3: Acceptance notice. Applicants will receive the interview result and acceptance notice within 15 days after interview.