Tourism College of Zhejiang Presents the Gao Gongbo Sculpture, Painting, and Seal Carving Art Exhibition, with International Students Enjoying the Splendor of Chinese Traditional Art Together
Time : 2024-04-19

On April 18, 2024, a unique art feast was grandly opened at Tourism College of Zhejiang. The art exhibition, jointly organized by the Art School and the Humanities Education Center of Tourism College, was themed "Ten Years of Cultivation" and exhibited the excellent works of renowned artist Gao Gongbo in the fields of wood carving, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, and seal cutting. As a representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project of Yueqing Box Wood Carving and a master of Chinese arts and crafts, Master Gao is not only committed to inheriting this national intangible cultural heritage but also actively promoting its innovative development.

The exhibition gathered the essence of Master Gao's creations over the years. Each work embodies the artist's efforts and wisdom, fully demonstrating his unique artistic style and profound artistic attainments. The delicate carvings of box wood, the powerful calligraphy, the profound artistic conception of traditional Chinese paintings, and the exquisite and unique seal cutting have all captivated the audience.

It is worth mentioning that Tourism  College of Zhejian as one of the first batch of international characteristic universities in Zhejiang Province, actively carries out various cultural practical activities for international students. This art exhibition not only attracted the attention of many teachers and students on campus, but also attracted international students and foreign teachers studying at our college. They came to the scene one after another to experience the charm of traditional Chinese art at close range.

Master Gao had a cordial exchange with international students at the event, sharing his artistic journey and insights. He encouraged international students to learn all their lives and pursue their dreams perseveringly. His words deeply moved everyone on the scene. International students expressed that they had a deeper understanding of classically Chinese cultural allusions and benefited greatly from the exhibition.

This event not only provided a platform for international students to understand traditional Chinese culture but also promoted the exchange and integration of Chinese and foreign cultures. Tourism College  will continue to deepen its cooperation with the Yueqing Cultural Relics Protection Center, jointly build an international student practical teaching base for Beautiful China, and provide more opportunities for international students to understand Chinese culture.

The successful holding of the Gao Gongbo carving, painting, and seal cutting art exhibition not only showcases the charm of traditional Chinese art but also promotes the exchange and dissemination of Chinese and foreign cultures. It is believed that in the future, more international students will jointly experience the profoundness of Chinese culture through similar activities.



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