“Amazing Chinese Tastes--West Lake Banquet” Chinese Food Culture Exhibition Held in Serbia
Time : 2024-04-18

On April 11, the“Amazing Chinese Tastes--West Lake Banquet”, characterized by the rich traditional Chinese flavor, was held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Belgrade, Serbia.

Impression West Lake, Shrimp Tail in Phoenix Nest, Squirrel Mandarin Fish, Dongpo Pork with Bamboo Shoots..., those dishes of Hangzhou cuisine highlight the light elegance in the taste of the land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River. The design of this food culture exhibition features the lucid waters and lush mountains as the background and centers on the profound culture, reflecting the beauty of the West Lake.

 “This food culture exhibition is themed on " West Lake Banquet ", where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake, in the meantime, savor the splendid taste of Thousands of Bowls from Hundreds of Counties, truly a feast for your eyes and tongue.”said Cheng Li’an, Dean of Luban Workshop in Serbia, dispatched by Tourism College of Zhejiang.

It is reported that the "West Lake Banquet" Food Culture Exhibition was completed jointly by 10 Chinese exchange students from Tourism College of Zhejiang, and Serbian students from Luban Workshop, under the instruction of Cheng Li’an. Wang Shiyue, a Chinese student who participated in the production, said, “I feel very proud to see that Serbians love our delicious food and Chinese culture.”

 “Luban Workshop • Sino-Serbian Tourism College”was officially founded in Belgrade in May last year. Sino-Serbian Tourism College has set up four classes this semester, with 66 students enrolled.

Nicola is a student at the Sino-Serbian Tourism College this semester. “Chinese cooking has opened up a new world for me. It's great to learn the cutting skills and ingredients preparation in Chinese food. In Chinese class, the teacher not only taught us Chinese, but also introduced Chinese family, Qingming Festival and other Chinese culture, which I am greatly attracted to.”

In addition to the “West Lake Banquet” dishes, the organizers also invited local people to experience the production of the “Qingtuan”, literally,“green dumpling”, a popular Qingming festival seasonal snack with a long history.

Sino-Serbian Tourism College is one of the three overseas joint institutions of TCZJ. Huang Hui, Dean of the School of International Education of TCZJ, said, “Sino-Serbian Tourism College has carried out teaching activities featuring “Chinese Language + Chinese Culinary Arts”, aiming at promoting Sino-Serbian tourism vocational education and cultural exchanges, serving international cooperation and Chinese enterprises going overseas.”

It is learned that the Sino-Serbian Tourism College will organize Serbian students to exchange and study in TCZJ this May. In the future, Luban Workshop in Serbia will also carry out more in-depth and comprehensive cooperation in social training, cultural exchanges and international academic conferences, including the culinary arts training for local people in Serbia, Chinese culinary arts exchanges in local high schools, and World Chinese Day activities, etc. 




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