China, Very Good! Serbian Teachers and Students in Celadon Lessons
Time : 2024-05-30

Recently, the students from Serbia had a unique celadon course experience in Harmony Garden of School of Arts and deeply felt the unique charm of traditional Chinese celadon craft.

This group of 24 Serbian students came to our college to study and experience Chinese traditional culture through the cooperation program of China-Serbia Tourism Institute. Celadon, as the treasure of Chinese traditional ceramic art, has been loved by people all over the world for its delicate texture and elegant color. Therefore, the college specially arranged celadon courses, designed to let international students more intuitive understanding of this traditional craft, close to feel the broad and profound Chinese traditional craft.

In the celadon class, Professor Wang Yahong first introduced the development history of Chinese ceramics and the production process of traditional ceramics to the students. Then, under the guidance of professor, teachers and students of Serbia experienced the production process, such as kneading, shaping and trimming.

During the production process, the Serbian teachers and students showed great enthusiasm and concentration. They listened carefully to the professor's explanation, carefully observed each production step, and gradually mastered the basic skills of celadon production. From the initial unfamiliar to the later skilled, students completed their own celadon works after continuous trial and practice.

Through the learning experience of this celadon course, Serbian teachers and students not only understand the unique charm of traditional Chinese crafts, but also improve their hands-on ability and cultural literacy. They all said that this learning experience is very unforgettable, and will be a good memory in their lives.

The activity of Serbian students experiencing celadon courses in Tourism College of Zhejiang not only promoted the cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Serbia, but also deepened the students' understanding and love of traditional Chinese culture. It is believed that in the near future, more Serbian students will come to China to study and exchange, and jointly promote the continuous development of friendly relations between China and Serbia.






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