Looking for Future Designers--The First Orange Class Design Competition
Time : 2023-04-28

1. Purpose

According to President Xi Jinping's guidance on developing talents in the new era, this competition is organized to serve the country's major strategies on talent development and innovation. Based on the resources of the Zhejiang-Hong Kong Vocational Education Alliance, the organization committee organizes featured competitions to promote the deep integration of the disciplines and industry, and improve the talent training level of vocational colleges in Zhejiang and Hong Kong.

2. Organization

Guiding units: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, Hong Kong Vocational Training Council (tentative)

Sponsor: Zhejiang-Hong Kong Vocational Education Alliance

Organizers: Alibaba Group, Tourism College of Zhejiang

Platform Support: Orange Class Platform

3. Competition Categories

Theme: Nostalgia, Zhejiang & Hong Kong

Entry category: Entries include design works concerning cultural creativity and featured items in the hometown.

Cultural creativity designs works should use the classic cultural symbols of Zhejiang and Hong Kong to design urban IP, tourist attractions, buildings, figures, etc. Urban promotion and social publicity can be integrated to enhance the identification and communication.

Featured items in the hometown can include the packaging, logos and posters designs of featured agricultural specialties, food, home appliances, daily necessities, and scenic spots in Zhejiang and Hong Kong, with the aim of promoting featured products in the hometown. Works in these two categories are subject to the same scoring standard and ranking policy.

Format of the entries: the submissions of the participants/teams should include two parts: design work and the power point file (PPT) explaining the work. Pictures and videos are the only two formats of the entries. PPT presents and interprets the design.

4. Requirements

Participants: Full-time students of vocational colleges in Zhejiang and Hong Kong (no major restrictions).

Way of Participation: Candidates can participate as individuals or a team (no more than 3 people for each team). Both are subject to the same scoring standard and ranking policy. No more than 2 instructors are allowed for each design work.

Requirements for the number of the design: each school of the college shall submit at least 3 works.

Quota requirements : The number of works submitted by each college shall not exceed 25, and each team/individual shall submit only one work. It is recommended to submit works through the college collectively. Individual student can also directly submit the work.

5. Competition System

Prize settings

3 Gold Prizes : RMB 2,500 per person (before tax). Winner from Hong Kong will be invited to visit Hangzhou for the awarding ceremony and Alibaba Group, while mainland winners will have the chance to visit Hong Kong for exchanges (all inclusive).

5 Silver Prizes: RMB 1,800 (before tax).

8 Bronze Prizes: RMB 800 (before tax).

1 People’s Choice Award: RMB 1,000 (before tax).

2 excellent organization awards: a bluetooth speaker customized by Alibaba Orange Class.

Certain number of excellence awards: a customized three-color eye protection lamp customized by Alibaba Orange Class.

All winners will receive the Alibaba Professional Qualification Certificate of Designing.

The competitions comprise four stages: warm-up, submission, initial evaluation, and re-evaluation.

Warm-up: February 15--March 15, 2023.

Submission: March 16--April 30, 2022. Format requirements; pictures should not exceed 100M, while videos should not exceed 1G.

How to submission: upload the entries to Alibaba Orange Class platform at the following link: .

All participants can get tutoring and training on the Orange Class platform, and watch the open courses by Alibaba professional designers.

Initial evaluation: April 31--May 15, 2023. It will be conducted online,. The entries will be selected according to the number of likes of the entries on Alibaba's Orange Class platform and judges' scores. The top 50% of entries in the preliminary rounds will enter the re-evaluation stage.

Re-evaluation : May 16--May 24, 2023. Works are reviewed by experts offline. After the preliminary evaluation, the participating teams are not allowed to change the entries, and works in the re-evaluation are considered as the same in the initial evaluation.

The criteria of the initial evaluation and re-evaluation scoring include:

Creativity: Unique design concept, innovative and imaginative;

Aesthetics: Conforming to the mainstream view of aesthetics, and coordinated structure and color;

Features: Outstanding visual effects, high recognition, and strong visual impact;

Communication: Easy to publicize and be able to arouse emotional resonance between the two places;

Applicability: Showing clear logic and profound connotations, and can be extended and applied in real scenes.

The specific scoring scheme will be notified separately.

7. Other requirements

(1) Participants must respect and abide by the rules and discipline of the competition;

(2) Entries must comply with relevant laws and regulations. Plagiarism is prohibited. The entries should not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of third parties such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets;

(3) The following content is prohibited in the entries: any other brand logos and elements; sensitive images, elements and texts with political provocation; images and elements with bloody, violent, vulgar, nudity and other indecent tendencies; insults, defamation , discriminatory images, elements and texts (including but not limited to racial, religious, ethnic, and gender discrimination); any other images, elements and texts that may cause discomfort to the public or violate national laws and regulations;

(4) Participants must ensure that they are fully responsible for the intellectual property rights involved in their entries. Once the entries and award-winning works are found to have plagiarism or other infringements, the organizer will cancel their qualifications for participation and awards, take back the certificates. The punishment will be notified on the official website.

8. Contact information

Secretariat of Zhejiang-Hong Kong Vocational Education Alliance : Ms. Zhong

Tel: 0571-83893283

Official website:

Student Affairs Office, Department of International Education

February 21, 2023

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