The Group of International Students Visited Qiandao Lake Campus
Time : 2023-11-01

On October 27, a foreign teacher representative and 20 new international students from Sino-Russian Tourism College, a cross-border education  institution of TCZJ, visited Qiandao Lake Campus for exchange.


The teachers and students of Qiandao Lake Campus warmly received the visiting foreign teacher and students. Ms. Ying Xiaoqing, the Chinese culinary master and the pastry master of Zhejiang Province, organized the production and tasting of Qingming rice ball, a traditional Chinese dim sum, and she introduced the Chinese food culture of Qingming Festival. The students of the Golden Key Docent Group led a tour of Qiandao Lake Campus.


The foreign teacher and students also visited Qiandao Lake by boat. The international students said that the lake had fresh air, sparkling water and beautiful scenery. They were deeply impressed by the spectacular scenery on the top of Meifeng Island overlooking the islands.


This exchange activity is a practical teaching course of the compulsory course of our university for international students, "Classroom for Understanding China", which aims to help international students perceive the beauty of China's nature and humanity. Later, there will be practical investigation, Chinese culture experience, tourism skills and other courses.


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